Legal Malpractice

We have over 30 years of experience in representing lawyers and clients in disputes. We have successfully defended many prominent lawyers and law firms in northern California through trial and binding arbitration. Due to our experience in quickly evaluating “how a case went wrong,” we can dissect a bad result and determine whether there is any significant exposure to the lawyer. We are asked frequently to provide counseling for lawyers in the middle of their own ethical issues. We have advised lawyers on ethically terminating a broken attorney-client relationship and how to deal with a potential conflict with a current client.

Given our understanding of the attorney-client relationship, we can assist in the prompt resolution of a fee dispute before it becomes a publicly litigated matter. Such disputes are time-consuming and distracting. Our goal is to analyze the situation and determine the optimal solution for the attorney.

We specialize in the legal malpractice field. As such, we will undertake to represent a seriously harmed former client where circumstances warrant. Due to our wide-ranging experience in other practice areas, we can provide a skilled analysis of the “case within a case” and an assessment of whether the conduct of the lawyer violated professional and fiduciary duties. We prefer to handle a case from inception because of the strategic value of shaping the case. However, we have been very successful in associating in as co-counsel to try legal malpractice cases.