Real Estate License Defense

From our office in Sacramento, we can efficiently handle DRE matters for any broker and/or licensee throughout California. We have extensive experience in representing licensees before the Bureau of Real Estate. Our experience allows us to respond quickly when our clients first learn of a BRE investigation. We strive to resolve the matters before the BRE files its accusation. We take the BRE’s involvement seriously. We are knowledgeable about the relevant Business & Professions Code sections which govern the BRE’s actions and associated regulations that govern the real estate licensee regulatory process. We understand the importance of public protection in the real estate industry.

We have negotiated resolutions that have enabled our clients to continue to earn a livelihood in the real estate profession. Our attorneys are experienced in administrative law and will be vigorous advocates in Administrative Law hearings for our clients. We understand the distinction between the evidentiary rules in a civil matter compared to the more relaxed rules relating to the admissibility of evidence in an administrative matter. We will vigilantly work to ensure our clients’ due process rights are protected throughout the process and that our clients may continue to earn a living in their chosen vocation in spite of an accusation by the BRE.

We are experienced in matters concerning a licensee’s business practices, potential ethics violations, BRE investigations, accusations, discipline hearings, probation, and license suspension and/or revocation. We strongly encourage a licensee to be proactive about contacting an experienced attorney as soon as the DRE contacts the licensee on any matter. Our firm has represented mortgage brokers, agents representing lenders in short sale transactions, agents representing multiple parties in a transaction, brokers concerning trust accounting issues, and brokerage owners who do not personally hold a broker’s license. We can also advise our clients concerning the structure of a real estate brokerage business to meet the regulatory requirements.

We have been vigilant about monitoring the latest federal and state legislation as it impacts real estate brokerage practices. Recent law changes and technology advances have significantly impacted how brokers practice in California.